Cooking up something Healthy…..

As you all know from previous blog posts we dedicate Wednesday nights to Health and Wellbeing here at Silx. The young people love to get involved with all sorts of health related projects but especially love it when we cook and create nice healthy alternatives to their favourite foods. When we spoke to our young people a lot of them told us they love nothing better than getting a kebab wrap from the takeaway, although these are OK in moderation we explained that they should not be eaten all the time and also they are very high in fat and calories and you don’t really know what is in them….. So we decided to make our own! The young people looked up recipes for healthy chicken wraps online and decided on a Chicken Fajita, we bought the ingredients and they enjoyed chopping up and preparing all of the fresh vegetables and encouraged each other to try new things and the end results were delicious…. check out the photos……

SAM_6769   SAM_6776  SAM_6791

Paul packed his full of healthy ingredients he needed 2 wraps....

Paul packed his full of healthy ingredients he needed 2 wraps….

Now for Dessert……. In keeping with the ‘Kebab’ theme we decided to create a quirky version using fruit! The young people chose and chopped up Bananas, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and grapes and threaded them all on sticks to make this tasty, healthy and let’s face it quite fun dessert. We discussed how these fruit kebabs are a great way of ensuring you get your five a day and how berries are a great antioxidant. All of the young people that took part said they are now going to make these at home and might even serve them with Yoghurt or a little bit of chocolate sauce…. as they say everything in moderation so a tiny bit would be fine with these.

SAM_6860  SAM_6866 SAM_6861 SAM_6863



SAM_6687 our girls with their free gift for taking part last night

Every Wednesday at Silx is Teen Health Night. Last night we learnt all about the importance of hand and nail care. We discussed the dangers of using cheap nail bars who use chemicals that can damage nails.SAM_6662

we talked about how to keep you hands clean and  germ free and demonstrated how to look after your nails to help them grow. The girls that took part in the session enjoyed using the cuticle oil & sticks, the moisturiser and painting each others nails. All that took part took home a free gift containing a nail file, nail polish remover pads, a nail brush and moisturiser.


Next week’s Teen Health Night:  We will be learning all about Feotal Alcohol Syndrome and the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy….. SILX TEEN BAR EVERY WEDNESDAY 5PM-8PM