Arts & Crafts @ Silx……..

We do try and give every night at Silx a theme during our teen bar sessions.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are ‘in the mix’ – I’m sure if you have walked through the market place in Blyth between the hours of 5pm and 8pm on these days you will have heard our super talented young people DJing and Mcing. On a Wednesday we focus on all things health and our young people enjoy cooking healthy recipes and learn about the importance of good health and well being (check out our past blog post about our favourite recipes here: Monday at Silx is when the young people get creative and this is what this post is going to be dedicated to- ARTS & CRAFTS.

We make a pretty good team here at Silx and all of the workers play a vital role and have their strengths but when it comes to Art and all things Crafty then the two workers that excel at this particular area are June and Jackie- they are always coming up with fabulous ideas with the young people and making some wonderful creations. Just recently we have kitted out our Arts cupboard so if you are 11-19 and you fancy rolling up your sleeves and having a go at card making, glass painting, model  making, tie dyeing and much much more then Silx on a Monday night is the place for you.

Jewellery Making

This particular activity is very popular- especially with the girls, who knew you could have so much fun and create something so pretty from some beads and a bit of elastic.


Door Signs

All Teens love to have their own space and what better way than to put your stamp on your ‘patch’ aka your bedroom in your parents’ home 😉 than a door sign- Ryan and Abbigail created some very imaginative signs for their doors recently

SAM_6733  SAM_6734

Photo Frames & Cards

The best gifts are homemade; here are some of our young people making photo frames and cards for their Mam’s on mother’s day.

SAM_6505 SAM_6509 SAM_6510



Trip to the Sage Gateshead……

You will know from previous blog posts that we currently have a group of young people completing a DJ/Employability Course here at Silx every Tuesday & Thursday afternoon and the course is ran by Wendy and Adam from The Sage Gateshead. As part of the course the young people are completing an Art’s Award which has various different modules, as part of this they had to go on a visit to The Sage and find out a bit more about how it is ran, what the different departments do and also get involved with some music while they were there!

On Thursday 21st May, Sarah (our progression worker) and the 8 young people completing the course met Wendy and Adam at the Sage and had a great afternoon there.

The day began with a tour of the Main Hall and the music rooms surrounding it- the young people found out that these rooms can be hired out by people working at or completing courses through the sage to learn and practice different musical instruments. The main hall was massive and very high! (Sarah actually admitted to being a little bit scared) the young people sat in the chairs, listened to music through the headphone sets that was playing on the big screen and watched the tech guy’s setting up the stage for an event taking place that evening…..


Shurn & Josh listening to the Music being played on the big screen….

166 165

After the main hall the young people headed backstage where they needed to be very quiet as there was a media conference going on while they were there and the technical team back stage’s job is to ensure the music being played out and the coding for the presentation was correct- the young people got to watch this happening live, they explored the dressing rooms and were even shown into a private conference room where very important visitors/performers have lunch and were told the room can even be booked out for Weddings! (Amazing View out of the window of the Quayside) While they were back stage the young people had to complete some work that made up one of their Art’s Award Modules- This included looking for any Health & Safety signs and writing down what they were and how they worked- the young people explored the full back stage area looking a the fire doors, safety tape and extinguishers etc…. They also got the chance to meet Wendy & Adam’s boss and interviewed him to find out more about his role at The Sage, they were all very surprised at how friendly he was as they were expecting ‘THE BOSS’ to be scary…..

 178 179

Watching the Tech Guy's Back Stage...

Watching the Tech Guy’s Back Stage…

182 172


After being backstage the young people headed outside to take a look at the Graffiti Art Walls and explore the Arches. The Arches is where CoMusica are based at the Sage and they run different Arts & Music programmes including DJ/MC sessions which some of our young people took part in during their visit and even recorded a mix. The Young people were very impressed with the Graffiti Art and were happy to pose for some photos, even though at this point it was raining! (Yes, that is Sarah with her Scarf over her head)

190 192

194 205

198 200 195

Next is where the young people’s confidence was put to the test and we must say we are incredibly proud of them all… they were taken to the large admin floor which consisted of rows of desks and people working away (Adam, who works there himself even said he found the admin office a little bit scary) the young people had to buddy up with a member of staff and interview them about their role and find out all about The Sage’s equal opportunities policy- the young people didn’t know they were going to be doing this and took it in their stride and were fab, they all found someone to talk to and got all of the information required for their module- they did say they preferred being ‘thrown in at the deep end’ and learnt lots from the staff they spoke to, this even prompted some of young people to ask how they could possibly get work experience at The Sage in the future which is a very positive reaction!

206 208

209 210

The day finished off with some fun….. The young people were taken to one of the music rooms and learnt how to play the Steel Pan Drums, each person was given a role and a different drum and they learnt how to play a song as a band  (They even got Sarah involved!) This was brilliant, the young people worked together as a team and encouraged each other and they end result was incredible. After only an hour of practice the young people ‘performed’ their song to some of the staff from the Sage and they were really surprised to find out that they had only just began learning that day! The young people expressed how  much they enjoyed this part of the visit and it was really nice to see them all learning a new skill together!

212 221 218220  217


It was a brilliant day and the young people got lot’s of information for their Art’s Award, they are all doing very well on this course, we will keep you updated on their progress 🙂